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Is your Child looking for fun, lots of new activities and the opportunities to make new friends and go on adventures? Then AK Scouts and Cubs could be for them! Both girls and boys are welcome.

Are you the sort of person who wants to be sure that we can provide the safe place where this can happen. Then join our Leaders Team to start this earlier in life by helping us to start a Beaver Colony for 6 to 8 year old children.

Group News - March 2022

23rd Mar 2022

Cubs News

The Cubs have been working hard this half term towards their Personal Challenge badge where they set themselves individual challenges, which included doing the dishes, feeding their pets and even changing the loo roll! We were most impressed!

In addition, over the last two weeks the Cubs have been working towards their Skills Challenge badge, which included making a cup of tea, peeling vegetables, changing a light bulb and sewing a button on to a piece of cloth. We have had an investiture ceremony for four new Cubs and we are saying goodbye to two Cubs who will fly up to the Scouts after half term. We wish them well for their next ventures. Meanwhile we have an exciting summer term of activities planned.

Scouts News

It may seem a frivolous waste of time and not the sort of thing serious people would do, but at Scouts we play games. We play games at every meeting, because games are fun and good exercise, but also because games develop co-operation skills - and scouts thrive on team work. In games, the feedback of effort is often immediate and the consequences of failing are never serious. Games are a safe place to develop a can-do attitude and resilience. Through the process of trying, failing, changing strategies and trying again we hope what our Scouts practice in games can be applied in trying new activities in Scouts, and in the rest their lives.

This term Scouts have been preparing for camping in the spring and summer: tent pitching and striking, fire lighting, cooking. We hope to expand these skills further as we lead up to the good weather: kit packing, menu planning, camp chores. Hopefully we can get a few badges for our uniforms in the process.

Group News

We still have vacancies for our active Cub pack for all children between the ages 8-10.5 years of age that meets on a Thursday between 6.00 and 7.30pm and the Scout troop meets on Friday evening at the School hall between 6.45 and 8.15pm, and is open to all children 10-14 years old in the School Hall. If your child is interested in joining our group please contact me or just come along to try the section.

We also would still love to set up a Beavers Colony for Boys and Girls aged 6-8 years, and have a waiting, list but we must have leaders for this group. If you can help please do contact me.

Our Cubs and Scouts are all enjoying their meetings, but we must have an active Executive committee The are still vacancies for Executive members both to represent the Cubs and anyone not connected with the group, and we are are urgently looking for a Chair Person and Treasurer. If you could spare a couple of hours every month we would love to hear from you. Volunteers need not be a parent but someone who has the well being of young people at heart; age is no barrier and any training will be given.